London flood risk set to spike, threatening flood re-insurance scheme, researchers warn

Researchers warn that a surge in house building in London will put pressure on the new flood insurance scheme.

Set to launch in April, Flood Re is a government 25-year plan to ensure that all households at high-risk of flooding have access to affordable flood insurance.

According to a recent study released by The University of Oxford, an increase in demand for housing in the city could increase the risk of surface water flooding, putting extreme pressure on the flagship flood insurance scheme.

A large increase in construction in London has reduced the permeability of the ground, causing a sharp spike in the likelihood of flooding caused by surface runoff. As a result, researchers have found that the number of households that are eligible for Flood Re could rise by a massive 75 per cent.

The study outlined that although only properties built before 2009 are eligible to benefit from the scheme, the catchment of older properties vulnerable to flood risk will increase significantly as new buildings are commissioned.

However, it is believed that the policy in its current form will not reduce flooding in the capital. The study suggests that policymakers need to adapt and update the plan to include more incentives for the development of urban drainage systems and wider investment in home pumps and flood barriers.

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