Gozo Kayak World Record Attempt

Not everyone will have heard of the wonderful little island situation off the coast of Malta, known as Gozo.

A lovely little island inhabited by the Gozitans and a scattering of many other nationalities.

Gozo is one of those places that you will never ever forget once you have been. With fantastic summers and long hot days, clear warm waters, stunning architecture, scenery and charming people, Gozo really is a Gem.


With a coastline of around 26miles, it is a small island and easily traveled by car across its many roads and trails, be those trails often rough.


One way the island can be seen is via the coast itself, the sea, out to sea on a kayak as two men Martin Lewis and Francois Denaiu will be doing on the 26th September 2017 when they attempt to kayak around the whole island in a world record time.


We asked Martin what was the reason for this attempt and he informed us of Francois's Green Up Project which raises awareness of the plastics in the ocean.


"The ocean debris is out of hand, it's a simple process, we, and i say we as members of the community, those of us that use the ocean, whether its to swim in, to dive in, to boat in, to play in, if we all just spend some time together collecting plastics from the ocean we can at least make our little home feel that little bit more special knowing that together, we are making a difference" Martin suggested.


We look forward to the record attempt and wish the guys a safe kayaking experience.



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