News Distribution Websites distributes to a large number of news websites. Below are examples of just some of our news outlets we distribute to. 

We deliver content to thousands of UK journalists, bloggers and publishers. We tailor each order depending on the sector categories you require. This is done when customers order one of our premium distribution packages 'Gold or Platinum'. You tell us what best describes your target audience. We distribute to leading national newspapers and digital publishers, such as Mail Online.

In addition, we also send news to (UK's biggest independent newswire) and get your story listed in major news sites like Google News, Bing News and Yahoo News. We also publish content to large Journal sites like Digital Journal.

With our 'Platinum' package you would receive upto 3 reports similar to these below. As you can see this provides great exposure. 

This first report is a sample of UK national magazine submissions for category 'Energy'. You choose what best fits your category, when ordering packages. 


Secondly, your news is also sent to all major UK newspapers etc. Below is a sample of how many news outlets we send your press release to:


We then further extend publications to international news sites, this gives your company or brand further coverage and exposure. sample distribution report of previous press release below (live locations)


Online news submission & press release/content submission service, with an emphasis on UK targeted sector & journalist distribution - Google News & thousands of major news syndications (Including TV, Newspapers, Radio). We help get your news noticed by your customers and media. You can reach out and target specific industries throughout the UK, giving regional & national coverage. We can even write the press release you want to distribute.