Benefits of our services

Release News has been taking the headache and guess work out of press release distribution since 2009. Visitors can take advantage of press release writing services, editing and support. Distribution to various critical news and industry services and other forms of press release and distribution expertise can be obtained.

Recently, we introduced to cater for a growing demand of UK companies requiring more targetted UK distribution. lets you select your desired sector, so we can target thousands of journalists within that specific sector, this means better results for your company. Distribution to leading national newspapers and digital publishers, such as Mail Online.

In addition to Uk sector targetting, we also distribute to (UK's largest independant newswire). Google News Yahoo News & Bing News reach is also standard for 'Gold &  Platinum' distribution levels

Worldwide reach is also possible through the use of this service as a marketing tool. Various levels of distribution can be achieved depending on the price of package. Release News can place your news on 1000+ high authority news websites if needed. Topic, geographical and industry targetting is also available.

There are various service packages available with Release News. Customers which have used these have reported increased traffic to their websites, better brand and image visibility online, unmatched SEO benefits; along with better and quicker exposure and the buzz the release generates in the marketplace.

With online buzz and an increase in hits (visitors) to the press release; customers who use our services are getting noticed by the groups they wish to target; such as bloggers in their industry, newspapers and radio stations. Time is of the essence with date sensitive press releases, so clients need quick results.




Targeted distribution lists reach 1000's UK publishing sectors of your choice incuding magazines


Distribution to major UK national newspapers and leading digital publishers such as Mail Online


Distribution through (UK's biggest newswire)


Real journalists working on your content to improve it  


Increased traffic to website


Improved brand & image visibilty online


Increased sales and conversions


Unmatched SEO benefits


Worldwide reach


Specific industry and location targetting


Distribution to newspaper, TV & radio websites


Great marketing alternative


Many press releases receive 2000+ hits


Create online buzz


Instant exposure


Your message noticed by blogging professionals


Google News, Yahoo News, Bing News Listings


PR editing & support


Writing services available



Online news submission & press release/content submission service, with an emphasis on UK targeted sector & journalist distribution - Google News & thousands of major news syndications (Including TV, Newspapers, Radio). We help get your news noticed by your customers and media. You can reach out and target specific industries throughout the UK, giving regional & national coverage. We can even write the press release you want to distribute.